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Energia solare

Elastic net



Our elastic net is suitable for fresh salami and seasoned ones , meat and salami in the following standard models:


  • STANDARD "N" for salami and sausages
  • STANDARD "RO" for  cooked meat and salami
  • STANDARD "NDT" for seasoned meat and salami
  • STANDARD "DT/R" for rolled bacon
  • STANDARD "PDT/P" for meat and salami if  a hard contraction of the products occurs.


Energia solare

Elastic strings


Plastar  produces elastic spring for every kind of binder machines  on the market or by manual binding.

Elastic spring is mostly used to pack salami such as bresaola, capocollo, bacon, speck, ham and salami.
Different kinds of elastic string are available according to the elasticity or toughness required.


Elastic string is produced in rolls with a supporting tube  inside in different sizes from 800 to 3000 grams depending on  their use.


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